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Waterproof Flip Flops

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Custom Flip-Flops

Waterproof Custom Orthotic
Flip-Flops & Sandals

Take a vacation to Fiji™ and Maui™ with waterproof custom orthotic flip-flops designed to part the sea and take you to an island of comfort. Our flip-flops will surprise you with 3 Arch Advantage support so comfortable that it feels like you’re walking on water. Choose from various different strap colors and enjoy foot and spinal support you’ll never want to go without.

Waterproof Flip-Flops
(While Supplies Last)

View our collection of colorful waterproof custom flip-flops below. Act fast before they're gone! Find where to buy here.

Women's Custom Flip-Flops:

Fiji Black Chevron Flip-Flop

Fiji White Flip-Flop (CSW0260)

Fiji Shimmer Flip-Flop (CSW0250)

Palm Green Flip-Flop (CSW0070)

Jungle Green Flip-Flop (CSW0080)

Wild Orange Flip-Flop (CSW0090)

Pink Flip-Flop (CSW0220)

Purple Flip-Flop (CSW0230)

Men's Custom Flip-Flops:

Jungle Green Flip-Flop (CSM0080)

Wild Orange Flip-Flop (CSM0090)

Maui Black Pearl Flip-Flop

Multiple Orthotics

Different Occasions / Different Orthotics


You wouldn't be caught wearing your flip-flops at work or your expensive dress shoes on the beach, would you? That's why we strongly encourage multiple pair of orthotics. If you end up getting a pair of custom flip-flops, you should also add a pair of custom orthotics for your work shoes, athletic shoes, or even get a second custom flip-flop style!

Foot Levelers also has a great selection of high-quality, comfortable, shoes for all occasions!

Multiple pair of orthotics for work or play
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