Radiographic Evaluation of Weight-bearing Orthotics and Their Effect on Flexible Pes Planus

 D. Robert Kuhn, DC,a  Nofa J. Shibley, DC,b William M. Austin, DC,c  and Terry R. Yochum, DCd



Objective: To determine whether any positive change in the alignment of the bones of the feet occur with the use of custom-made flexible orthotics, cast by weight bearing, in individuals having flexible pes planus. Methods: Anteroposterior and lateral radiographs were obtained with and without orthotics in place. The anteroposterior and lateral talocalcaneal angles and the lateral pitch of both the left and right foot were assessed.

Results: The t test values and P values derived from the radiographic measurements indicated statistically significant improvements in weight-bearing foot alignment.

Discussion: Biomechanical faults in the pedal foundation can adversely affect any of the joints and structures of the foot/ankle complex, lower extremities, pelvis, and spine.

Conclusion: This study supports the use of a custom-made flexible orthotic for the improvement of pedal structural alignment. (J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1999;22:221-6)



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