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Proven to reduce low back pain

Functional Leg Length Discrepancy

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W.M. Austin


In addition to the type of service offered, individuals seeking care have essential three wants: 1) to be listened to; 2) a thorough examination/evaluation with a simple explanation; and 3) to be empowered - how you can help them help themselves.

It will be imperative to sit down with Kerry and let him thoroughly vent his feelings, his diagnosis, and his treatment programme. His feelings are the most important and may shed some light on his condition. His diagnosis and the diagnosis of the other health care providers should not be accepted as final. Perform your own thorough examination/evaluation and draw your own conclusion. Providing this patient with specific therapeutic activities will help hi1n actively participate in his treatment programme. He may be helpful in developing this programme; however, the activities must produce specific results based on functional need, the outcomes being progressive and measurable.

It will be important to establish a baseline assessment using a Pain Drawing for location and type of pain, a Visual Analogue Scale for intensity, and the Oswestry Low Back Pain Scale for lifestyle/ function limitations. These tools are important not only to monitor progress, but to help Kerry set goals and 'complete' with himself toward their resolution or improvement.



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