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Proven to reduce low back pain

Leg Length Inequality

Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis of the Effects of Foot Orthotics and Heel Lift

Scot P. Woodward, M.S.,and Kevin A. Ball, Ph.D.,New YorkChiropractic College

Many healthcare professionals evaluate and treat leg length inequality (LLI). Anatomical LLI is produced by significant asymmetry in femoral and/or tibial bone length. Functional LLI describes visual, postural, and/or movement asymmetry but without bone length difference. Much clinical literature exists for LLI and its treatment using foot orthotics and/or heel lifts. However, these topics are controversial. The aims of the present case study were to use advanced three-dimensional (3-D) gait analysis technology to quantify postural and gait alterations produced by treatment using foot orthoses and a heel lift in a subject who exhibits clinically obvious LLI.

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