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MPAX™ Custom Orthotic Technology

MPAX instantly absorbs up to 90% of energy upon impact.

Soft and flexible at rest. Firm and protective when stressed.

Lightweight, thin and breathable, MPAX instantly absorbs up to 90% of energy upon impact—like when the foot hits the ground. Protect your patient’s feet and Kinetic Chain with MPAX.

Exclusive to Foot Levelers. This proprietary, state-of-the-art material is soft, breathable and flexible at rest, but when stressed at a high rate or impacted quickly, its molecules "freeze"—like water freezing into ice. That means MPAX instantly firms to form a comfortable but protective shell, returning to its soft resting state once force is removed. MPAX shields your patient’s foot—and body—from impact better than any other protective foam on the market.

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