Orthotics = Less Pain. Less Pain Medication.

5th Avenue Orthotics.
Designed by Women for Women.

The new 5th Avenue Stabilizing Orthotics are designed to provide comfort, support, and pain relief for women in flats and heels up to two inches. The luxurious top cover and super-soft mid-layer help keep the feet comfortable while the arch corrections keep the body balanced. The slim design helps the 5th Avenue fit easily into women’s flats and heels. It is perfect for women who spend hours on the job but need the comfort, support, and pain relief to keep going during and after the work-day ends.

  • Specifically designed for the shoes women wear
  • One designed for flats and heels up to 1"
  • AND one designed for heels up to 2"
  • Pillowy-soft material provides a more comfortable feel
  • Discreet support for dress shoes
Foot Levelers 5th Avenue orthotics are our best orthotics for women yet. Experience 5th Avenue by calling 800.553.4860 or completing the "Find a doctor" form below.