Foot Levelers InMotion® Custom Orthotic

The InMotion® is one of Foot Levelers most popular and doctor recommended custom orthotic – and for good reason.

Made in the USA

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Superior Quality, Support, & Service

The InMotion Custom Orthotic:


Can help improve performance and recovery


Provides better grip during athletic activities


Top cover wicks away moisture 4x faster than cotton


Includes DRS-X™ and the Gait Cycle System® for extra shock absorption

InMotion Full Length
InMotion Dress

The Science Behind Stabilizing Custom Orthotics

Foot Levelers patented Stabilizing Custom Orthotics were developed by Dr. Monte Greenawalt to treat the body as a functional unit, starting with the feet. Our Custom Orthotics add power to your step by supporting the three arches in each foot, providing a balanced foundation that protects and supports through all phases of gait. The Gait Cycle System® is only available from Foot Levelers.

Gait Cycle System®+DRS

Orthotics proven to help low back pain

3 Arch Advantage: Support for your 3 Arches

The feet are the foundation of the body. They provide the necessary stability to perform daily activities by supporting the weight of the entire body using a strong, 3-arched bond called the plantar vault.

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