Luxury Top Leather Orthotic Insoles

luxury line orthotics

For dependable yet luxurious performance, choose Foot Levelers Luxury functional orthotics. Durable yet forgiving Lambson™ leather protects the feet from the demands of a hectic day at the office. 3 Arch Advantage™ helps keep the body supported and performing optimally.


  • Lambson™ leather top offers supple durability, dependable comfort
  • Added heel strike cushioning helps support and protect the body while walking and standing
  • A great option for even the sleekest-fitting of dress shoes
  • Professional, elegant design
extreme soft luxurious custom orthotic


  • Patients who like the feel of luxury under their feet
  • Business professionals who stand most of the day
  • Extreme shock absorption at heel strike
  • StanceGuard™ for support during midstance
ultra soft luxurious custom orthotic


  • Ideal for the businessperson's dress shoes
  • Featuring elegant Lambson™ leather; for patients who value the feel of luxury
  • Moderate shock absorption at heel strike
  • StanceGuard™ for support during midstance
dress length luxurious custom orthotic


  • Perfect choice for tight fitting professional footwear
  • Lambson™ leather top cover for soft, luxurious feel
  • Highly durable for professionals always on their feet

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