Orthotics for Kids

Keep Youth Supported with Custom-Made Orthotics

Posture Protect Program

It’s inevitable—once you’ve secured your child’s feet with custom orthotics, they have a growth spurt! We've built into our custom orthotics a little room to grow but once your child's feet grow at least a size-and-a-half more, their orthotics will no longer fit. That’s where the Posture Protect Program comes in.

As your child grows out of their custom orthotics, the orthotics will cease to support their feet as intended.

The Posture Protect Program supports children, ages 5-17, who outgrow their custom stabilizing orthotics.

  • Helps establish healthy posture and optimal biomechanics as kids rapidly grow
  • Offers biomechanical support for the young body to help alleviate growing pains
  • Helps keep kids stable and supported to lessen the risk of injury at play or in sports
Posture Protect Program™

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