XP3® Orthotic for Athletes

xp3 sport orthotic

Maximize speed, agility, and performance with our XP3 athletic orthotic. This innovative orthotic is designed to stand up to the most extreme of athletic challenges without added weight or bulk.



  • 53.2% lighter than any of our other functional orthotics
  • Whisper thin, XP3 is engineered to slip easily into most athletic shoes, even those with non-removable factory insoles
  • in the heel absorbs up to 90% of shock to prevent injury and strain
  • Durable perforated top cover helps keep feet cool while reducing odor and moisture
  • 3 Arch Advantage™ helps keep the body supported and performing optimally


Dr. Kurt A. Juergens - XP3 from Foot Levelers. Get your XP3 Orthotic.


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