Patient Recall Letter

Reach Out to Your Patients

You get reminders from your dentist, your optometrist, and even your veterinarian—why not apply the same idea to your Chiropractic practice!

Here is a sample announcement letter that you can use for contacting your patients. It is an easy way to make your patients feel valued, while encouraging them not to forget about their Chiropractic health. Remember, we always offer a discount on reorders using the R22 code. Consider passing some of those savings on to the patient and add the mention of a special discount only for them.

Sample Letter for Reorders


Did you know that since you ordered Foot Levelers orthotics within the past 24 months, we can place a “reorder” for you anytime and for any custom orthotic product you’d like? Having additional pairs for all your different types of activities and shoes is important.

Think of it this way…dress shoes tend to be narrower and more confining than athletic shoes, so the same orthotic cannot be worn in both styles. That’s why Foot Levelers takes into consideration the type of shoe that you wear—as well as your age, activity level, weight and many other factors.

As we’ve previously discussed, proper support for your feet is crucial for helping maintain your adjustments. Similar to prescription eyewear, your body only benefits from orthotics when you’re wearing them in your shoes.

Bring in the shoes you wear most often and we will work together to select the best orthotic for what you need.

And since your previous order was so recent, I am going to discount any additional orthotics you need.

Please give us a call to set up an appointment or if you have any questions about your Foot Levelers orthotics. Our number is [INSERT YOUR OFFICE PHONE NUMBER]. We value you as a patient and want to help you maintain a pain-free lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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