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Winning Combinations: Different lifestyles | Different needs

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Winning Combinations: Different lifestyles | Different needs

Designed with your patient in mind. Removes the hassle of switching orthotics between shoes for better patient compliance and support throughout the day. Different occasions call for different footwear, just like different footwear has different orthotic needs. With that in mind, we have created what we at Foot Levelers think are winning combinations. 

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotic Combinations


All Day Comfort:
Minnetonka Slipper & Extreme Comfort

  • Minnetonka provides the comforts of home even when you are on-the-go
  • Extreme Comfort eases pain caused during high levels of activity and offers maximum comfort and protection; great for a shoe with a wider toe box (i.e., lace up athletic shoe)

More…An excellent combination for anyone who needs maximum cushion but wants to kick their shoes off at the end of the day and walk around in a slipper like house shoe. Perfect with anyone with sore feet, especially those who stand in one place all day or have arthritis or diabetes. 


InMotion+ Full Length & Dress Luxury

  • InMotion+ with maximum shock absorption, propulsion, and stability; great for an athletic shoe
  • Dress Luxury offering a leather top for durability and comfort; great for an office shoe 

MORE…Optimized for patient comfort and support through a variety of daily activities. Our most versatile combination with a full-length orthotic for casual shoes and a ¾ length for dress and tighter-fitting casual shoes.


XP3 & InMotion Full Length

  • XP3 is our lightest and thinnest orthotic, great for tight-fitting shoes
  • InMotion is great for every activity and includes elements for odor and moisture control

MORE…This ultimate combination of custom orthotics for the athlete or weekend warrior. Excellent for athletic shoes or today’s modern fit casual shoes, perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle. 


Maximum Durability:
Extreme Tough & Ultra-Luxury

  • Extreme Tough has a durable top cover that can withstand extreme conditions 
  • Ultra-Luxury’s thinner profile fits into many lace-up business footwear

More…This is an ideal combination for those who are hard on their shoes or are in harsh environments but need all-day cushioning. Keep one pair in your work shoes and another in your casual shoes.

5th Ave Women's Custom Orthotic

Everyday Support for Heels:
5th Avenue 1" & 2" Dress Narrow

  • Provides continuous comfort & support throughout a patient’s day
  • Combinations support regular orthotic use for optimal benefits & outcomes
  • NEW VitaStep™ Comfort System: extra cushion for the transverse arch w/ our Dynamic Response System™ and microfoam bottom

Developed by women for women and their unique bodies, our NEW 5th Avenue Flexible Orthotics Winning Combination helps keep the body stabilized in narrow-fitting, higher-heeled shoes. Includes two different styles (Dress Narrow for 1” & Dress Narrow for 2” heels) that complement popular footwear — from flats to heels. Ultra-streamlined and redesigned for better fit, enhanced support, and increased stability.

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