Pillo-Pedic® Plus

A firmer version of the classic style. Posturefoam™ "egg carton" structure helps eliminate pressure points.


  • Dynamic "egg carton" structure relieves pressure points throughout the night
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Wake up feeling refreshed
Pillo-Pedic® Plus pillow
Pillo-Pedic Ultra
Pillo-Pedic Infographic

Pillo-Pedic® Custom Orthotic Pillows

Foot Levelers Pillo-Pedic® orthotic pillows offer multiple ways to support your neck while you sleep. They are designed to provide proper cervical curvature and comfort and are also used for rehabilitation or treating traumatic neck injuries.  

Multiple Orthotics

Different Occasions / Different Orthotics

 You wouldn't be caught wearing your flip-flops at work or your expensive dress shoes on the beach, would you? That's why we strongly encourage multiple pair of orthotics. If you end up getting a pair of custom flip-flops, you should also add a pair of custom orthotics for your work shoes, athletic shoes, or even get a second custom flip-flop style!

Foot Levelers also has a great selection of high-quality, comfortable, shoes for all occasions!

Multiple pair of orthotics for work or play

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