Foot Levelers has teamed up with Naot, a recognized brand in comfortable footwear, to offer you a top-notch shoe with the proven support of individually designed functional orthotics. Naot sandals are a perfect fusion of style and support, providing you with ultimate comfort.

Naot<sup>®</sup> Arthur

Naot Arthur

Item#: NAM0040
Color: Crazy Horse Leather/Hash Suede
Size: M 7-12 (whole sizes only)

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Naot<sup>®</sup> Papaya

Naot Papaya

Item#: NAW0230
Color: Gunmetal
Size: M 5-11 (whole only)

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Naot<sup>®</sup> Enid

Naot Enid

Item#: NAW0220
Color: Vintage Slate
Sizes: M = 5-11 (whole sizes only)
1 1/4" Heel (2 adjustable straps)

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Naot<sup>®</sup> Mikaela

Naot Mikaela

Item#: NAW0060
Color: Brown
Sizes: W = 5-11 (whole sizes only)
(2 Adjustable Straps) WIDE WIDTH SANDAL

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Naot<sup>®</sup> Paris

Naot Paris

Item#: NAW0140
Color: Black
Sizes: M = 5-11 (whole sizes only)
2" Heel (1 Adjustable Strap)

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The Foot Levelers shoe and sandal collection, paired with custom orthotics, provide an excellent combination of comfort and support. Footwear quality and orthotic support help align the Musculoskeletal system which reduces pain and enhances body function.