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Dr. Fab Mancini on The Doctors TV Show

Nationally-syndicated TV show "The Doctors" discusses Foot Levelers custom orthotics

Are Custom Orthotics a "Buzz" or "Bust"? Check out what Dr. Fabrizio (Fab) Mancini has to say about custom orthotics and their effect on low back pain!

Dr. Fabrizio (Fab) Mancini appeared on the TV show “The Doctors.” At the 2:38 mark, Dr. Mancini begins discussing custom orthotics and back pain. The sample Dr. Mancini shows is Foot Levelers’ InMotion custom orthotic.

Also, Dr. Mancini references research about custom orthotics reducing low back pain. That research used Foot Levelers custom orthotics exclusively, and proved that our orthotics reduce low back pain by 34.5%.

Click here for more information about the study, which was published in the “Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.”

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