The TRI-FLEX provides exercises for treating neck, back, and extremity symptoms – Lateral Flexion Exercises, Anterior Head Carriage Exercises, exercises for the Posterior Cervical Gravity Line, Backsys exercises, Anterior Ferguson's Gravity Line, as well as exercises for the extremities and pelvis.

The TRI-FLEX is a total body rehab system perfect for the office. The TRI-FLEX includes Foot Levelers NECKSYS®, BACKSYS® and THERA-CISER® for the treatment of neck, back and extremity symptoms.


  • Complete professional rehab center that mounts to the wall
  • Includes pro versions of the NECKSYS, BACKSYS and THERA-CISER
  • Includes cervical collar, slip covers, manuals and DVD

Doctors, order online or call us at 800.553.4860.

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