Balance Improvement: Abstract

Effects of Orthotic Intervention and Nine Holes of Simulated Golf on Club-Head Velocity in Experienced Golfers
David E. Stude, DC, and Jeff Gullickson, DC

To measure improvements in balance and proprioception, before and after the nine holes of simulated golf, in experienced golfers, after wearing Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics continuously for six weeks.

Subjects were tested using the Cybex Functional Assessment System for Testing and Exercise. The tests challenged human performance skills beyond those required for golf, to provide the relative effects of orthotic intervention for all individuals. Foot Levelers’ orthotics were used for the investigation because of their abilities to control motion and absorb shock.

Balance and proprioception before and after nine holes improved with orthotic use. More specifically, proprioceptive inequalities between left and right sides were not apparent after wearing the orthotics on a daily basis during the six-week period.

Joint motion affects proprioception and it is well documented that disturbances in the proprioceptive feedback mechanism cause biomechanical disabilities. Lower-limb proprioception training in non-injured individuals can prevent many injuries.

Orthotics are made to address structural deficiencies, such as excessive pronation and arch integrity, and minimize differences in structural alignment. In a small population of experienced golfers, Foot Levelers’ custom-made, flexible orthotics improved symmetrical balance ability and enhanced proprioception.

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