Dr. Kurt Juergens
Managing Sports Injuries - from Your Head to Your Toes
JUL 15-16, 2023
Newport Beach, CA
CEs: 12
Saturday 12pm-6pm, Sunday 8am-2pm
Dr. Kurt Juergens

What you’ll learn:

 Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday 8am-12pm

CE provided by Cleveland University-Kansas City. Cosponsored by Erchonia


For the past 33 years, Dr. Juergens has been treating world-class athletes from around the globe. During this presentation, Dr. Juergens will review lower extremity biomechanics and will share his experiences on how to diagnosis and manage lower extremity injuries. You will learn how to confidently evaluate and manage the most common sports injuries. He will also demonstrate how to incorporate into your practice state of the art modalities and a variety of active care techniques. Dr. Juergens will present case studies on common and uncommon lower extremity conditions. This course will provide useful information that you can implement in the treatment of your patients when you return to work Monday morning.


Part 1: Identifying the Most Common Sports Injuries. A practical review of lower extremity biomechanics. Traumatic Brain Injuries(TBI) and issues affecting Brain Resiliency. Identifying the real problem.....Performing a specific structural evaluation on the athlete and non athlete.

Part 2: Sports Rehab. The important role of Strength, Conditioning & Flexibility throughout all phases of care.

Part 3: Breakout Sessions....Manipulation, K-Tape, Bands, Gait Analysis, Laser, Stability Trainers, & More Bullet Points:

  1. Identify and manage the most common sports injuries
  2. Introduce equipment/modality options for managing sports injuries
  3. Understanding the psychosocial aspect of managing your patients
  4. Understanding Brain Resiliency and its relationship in Traumatic Brain Injuries
  5. A practical review of lower extremity anatomy and biomechanics

Lunch provided Saturday!

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
1107 Jamboree Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92660
949.729.1234 | Google Map Directions

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