Dr Scholls vs Custom Orthotics

Over-the-counter insoles like Dr. Scholls (commonly misspelled as "Dr School") are quite different from Foot Levelers custom made orthotics. This article is for you to understand the difference between an over-the-counter insole like Dr. Scholls and a custom-made orthotic from Foot Levelers. Foot Levelers custom handmade orthotics provide the highest-quality, most comfortable, and most effective orthotic on the market.


Over the Counter Insoles

Custom orthotics

Maximum comfort Over-the-counter insoles, like Dr. Scholls, are mass-produced and not crafted to your individual foot. They may add some extra cushion but can be harmful to your feet in the long-term. Due to the custom process and quality materials, Foot Levelers orthotics provide both comfort, reduce shock impact, and are functional in musculoskeletal balance.
Premium materials/Premium Support Foot Levelers offers unparalleled support and quality. A recipe is only as good as it's ingredients. Similarly, the "ingredients" for our custom orthotics are incredibly important. Only the best are selected or developed and used in our orthotics.
Individually designed for you Foot Levelers orthotics are customized to your feet. Over-the-counter insoles are typically mass-produced overseas. Using 3D scans or patented casting, Foot Levelers is individually crafted for your feet.
Crafted by hand Most over-the-counter orthotics are mass-produced in overseas factories. Lovingly crafted by hand
3 Arch Advantage Only Foot Levelers supports all 3 arches of the foot. Only Foot Levelers supports all 3 arches of the foot.
Pelvic stabilization  Because over-the-counter orthotics are not designed to your individual feet, they do not correct your specific arch problems and cannot help balance your musculoskeletal system! Our orthotics provide Pelvic Stabilization. Over the counter insoles do not.
Whole-body pain relief Because over-the-counter insoles do not help stabilize the musculoskeletal system, they cannot provide whole-body pain relief. Our orthotics don't just relieve foot pain but help stabilize and balance the musculoskeletal system and provide whole-body pain-relief!
1 year, 100% Money-back guarantee Dr School doesn't come close to Foot Levelers 1 year, 100% money-back guarantee! No one comes close to our 1 year, 100% money-back guarantee!
Clinically proven Only Foot Levelers orthotics have the support of over 30 clinically proven studies! Foot Levelers orthotics simply work and are clinically proven to help low-back pain as well as many other sources of body pain.
Made in America Most overt-the-counter insoles are mass-produced overseas – in countries like China. Foot Leveler Orthotics are made exclusively in the United States and delivered around the world.

A Foot Levelers custom orthotic is specifically designed for your individual feet – helping achieve a balanced foundation and stabilized pelvis. Our custom orthotics are handmade to your unique feet based on 3D scans or casts, and your doctor’s examination. Therefore, Foot Levelers custom orthotics are made to help you and your individual health issues.  However, Dr. Scholls are mass-produced. Even their advertised "custom" orthotic is mass-produced into foot types and made with lower-quality materials. They cannot compare with the quality and effectiveness of Foot Levelers hand-made orthotics.

Over-the-counter insoles may initially cost less but are not made to your specific feet and only support one arch in your foot. When only one arch is being supported, it may not maintain the structure of your plantar vault, and problems can start in other parts of your body. In fact, “over-supporting” just one arch of the foot may actually cause pain and symptoms, not relieve them.

Do you experience pain daily? Maybe you have plantar fasciitis or struggle with low back pain? Over-the-counter insoles may not provide the relief you need. Individually designed Foot Levelers custom orthotics with 3-arch support, however, can.

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Dr School insoles are sold over the counter

Foot Levelers Patented 3 Arch Support Makes all the Difference

Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics are designed to provide the best possible support for all 3 arches of your feet:

  • Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics are Individually crafted based on 3D scans to bolster the arches in your feet
  • Prescribed through Chiropractors to ensure you get the best possible orthotic
  • Available in a variety of styles and builds to suit your lifestyle and needs

Our custom orthotics are designed to provide both the instant “ah” factor that Dr School's and over-the-counter insoles like to market, as well as the actual needed support for your arches that will relieve pain now and prevent pain later by compensating for any and all of your weakened arches to correct your posture.

Why Custom Orthotics

Whether you’re visiting your Chiropractor for pain, preventive care or to improve your athletic performance, Foot Levelers’ custom-made functional orthotics can help. Why Foot Levelers?
  • Over 6 decades of proven performance
  • Backed by 37 clinical research studies, more than any other orthotic company in the world
  • Used by Chiropractic colleges throughout the world
  • 100,000+ doctors and millions of patients can speak to the results
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, period

Why custom?  Generic, off-the-shelf insoles like Dr School's risk worsening your symptoms because they address only general conditions with questionable results. Your feet are as unique as your fingerprints. Only Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics are built specifically to meet your individual feet, body, and health needs.

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