Plastic Deformation

plastic deformationWhat plastic deformation is, what it does, and what you can do about it.

What is plastic deformation?

Think of the soft tissue in your feet like ice cream. If you leave ice cream in the sun, it’s going to melt (deform) and will never be the same. It’s a similar idea with your feet. Once the arches in your feet are stretched beyond their limits, like melted ice cream, they will never be the same.

The soft tissues that make up the three arches of the foot are stretched every day as we stand and move. Over the years, being continually pushed past their limits decreases their elasticity. The tissues stay extended instead of returning to their original shape. This condition, called plastic deformation, causes the foot’s entire structure to collapse.

How it affects the body

When plastic deformation sets in, the feet go out of alignment and the whole body becomes unbalanced. This can cause pain and affect other areas like your knees, hips and back.

Plastic deformation is irreversible. Once it happens, there are no exercises, adjustments or even surgeries that will permanently put those tissues back into place. But you can restore natural, healthy alignment with Foot Levelers custom orthotics.

How custom orthotics can help

plastic deformation and custom orthotics


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