Custom Orthotics for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain treatmentRelieve Lower Back Pain with Orthotics and Chiropractic

Low back pain is the most common condition leading to disability among working men and women under the age of forty-five.1 It is a global epidemic, and a major factor in the ongoing opioid crisis—but Foot Levelers and Chiropractic can help. 

Causes and Effects

The feet are the foundation of the body; they support its entire weight. If there isn’t enough support from the feet, various parts of the body—particularly the spine—are exposed to additional stress, which can lead to a number of issues:

  • Back, hip, knee and foot pain
  • Poor posture and abnormal foot function
  • Excessive shock transmission up through the body
  • Impaired sports performance
  • Greater risk of injury

An abnormal “gait,” or walk, contributes to imbalances throughout your lower extremities, which include the knees, ankles and feet, and can eventually cause pain throughout the body, most notably the Low Back.

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Did you know 1 in 4 Americans experience low back pain at any given time, or that people are 25% more satisfied with Chiropractic treatment of low back pain than through a physician? Find out more about low back pain by downloading our Low Back Pain infographic.

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One of the best treatments available is Chiropractic adjustments, rehab and custom orthotics. Once your doctor corrects your spine, custom orthotics will help balance your feet and support good posture. This combination of adjustments and custom orthotics has been proven time and again to reduce stress throughout the body and restore proper function to the lower extremities. It will keep you pain-free for longer periods of time, improve your body’s foundation and keep the Kinetic Chain aligned: the ankle, knees, pelvis and spine.

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crooked man vs Balanced man


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  3. Lower back pain infographic



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