Custom Orthotics Insoles for Overpronation

99% of the population has some degree of overpronation.

Foot pronation occurs when feet roll inwards. People who suffer from excessive pronation may experience an inward rotation of the knee and forward tilting of the pelvis, causing pain in the feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck.

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99% Overpronated

Real-life, real-world experience.

For nearly 70 years, Foot Levelers has analyzed millions of feet. One thing we've learned: 99% of the population overpronates!

Optimal footFlat foot, most likely overpronated.

What does that mean for you? It means your feet do not perform like the optimal foot. As a result, your body is suffering which brings pain, underperformance, and injury.

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This educational infographic on pronation explains three different phases (or degrees) of pronation (mild, moderate, severe), the 3 arches of the foot, how to know if your feet are pronated, and steps you should take to treat pronation.

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Overpronation can cause
Hip PainNeck PainLow Back PainKnee PainPlantar Fasciitis


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For nearly 70 years, Foot Levelers has provided custom hand-made orthotics to millions of people in over 65 countries. 

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