Custom Orthotics - A Holistic Approach to Whole Body Health

Stop treating the symptoms. Foot Levelers supports a holistic approach in finding solutions to your health issues.

When a house is structurally sound, it’s described as having “good bones”. This means it has the sturdy infrastructure necessary to stand the test of time. Your body also requires a well balanced framework if you want to stay healthy and mobile throughout life. For whole-body health, start from the framework’s foundation — your feet. 

The feet balance and support our entire body weight and act as shock absorbers when we move. But when they’re out of alignment, the body is thrown off balance and compensates by moving unnaturally. In many instances, the feet themselves don’t hurt but pain and discomfort appear in the lower back, knees, hips and ankles. Over time, this can also lead to decreased mobility and injuries. Custom orthotics provide proper alignment to the feet and help keep joints in the right position to do their jobs correctly.

Custom orthotics help the rest of the body function more efficiently through restoring correct position and support too. Here are some of the ways:

  • Less stress on joints - Aligning the feet helps stabilize the joints so movements can be made more comfortably and safely within their natural range of motion. It also lessens excessive wear due to misuse. 
  • Less strain on muscles - When muscles are properly supported, they have the strength and flexibility to do their jobs without excessive strain. Keeping muscle tissue heathy and strong also helps to reinforce the joints.
  • Less risk for injury - With the body in alignment, we decrease the risk for injuries like ACL or meniscus tears which occur when body tissues bend and stretch beyond their natural limits.
  • Optimal muscle performance - A good coach continually monitors their athlete’s posture and body position. That’s because proper alignment allows our muscles to perform with more power and control and do more with less energy. 
  • Greater comfort - When the weight of our bodies is evenly distributed, areas like our backs and hips don’t have to carry more than their share. The result is fewer aches and pains and less fatigue overall. Custom orthotics are comfortable to wear too, because they’re lightweight and not bulky.
  • Increased mobility - When pain and stiffness are reduced, we can move much more freely. We burn more calories and everything from sports to everyday activities gets easier. 
  • More energy - When our muscles have to compensate for poor alignment, it causes fatigue. Proper balance restores physical energy.


The below infographic shows how misaligned and unbalanced feet can cause health issues throughout the body. Adding Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics helps to align your feet and body while improving balance and muscle performance. This reduces stress on your joints and relieves pain. Find a Foot Levelers Healthcare Professional near you.Bringing whole body health through custom orthoticsClearly, keeping our body correctly balanced through proper foot alignment is an important step towards a healthy body and full, active life. The good news is, it’s never too late get started! 

Begin by partnering with a chiropractor or physical therapist. They’re committed to helping you achieve body alignment through non-invasive, drug-free, and proactive care. They can scan and assess your feet right in their office to determine your individual correction needs. They’ll provide the custom orthotics best for you based on your lifestyle and activities. 

By wearing your custom orthotics regularly and following your healthcare provider’s holistic approach and recommendations, you are well on your way to better whole body health!


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