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Build Your Protocol
Build Your Confidence
Build Your Practice

Collaborative half-day workshop by Foot Levelers.

Build Protocols

Establish protocols for custom orthotics success.

Learn easy, proven ways to create and implement your orthotics protocol.

Build Confidence

Maximize educational tools and marketing strategies for your practice.

From the clinical necessity of orthotics to product selection, this collaborative workshop teaches you all-things Foot Levelers.

Build your Practice

Build your practice and expand your care.

Increasing orthotic usage results in more patient referrals, increased revenue, better results, and better care. Don’t believe us? Watch the testimonial videos below.

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Travel assistance: Travel assistance may be available. To discuss if your office qualifies, please call 800.553.4860 and ask about Practice Xcelerator™ travel assistance.

Alumni Testimonials

"Foot Levelers stands behind us, and our patients, and we help people so much more and they get better faster and stay better longer." –Dr. Danielle Dabruzzi, Pathways Family Chiropractic
"After [attending the Orthotic Workshop] lots and lots of [patients] got orthotics and their health improved tremendously. It’ll change you from learning a tiny bit to everything you need to know about orthotics and why everybody needs to be in orthotics." –Dr. Devin Atkinson, Atkinson Family Chiropractic

A taste from our Speakers

Some of our speakers share a short taste of the Orthotic Workshop.

About The Workshop

The Practice Xcelerator™ is a free, half-day workshop facilitated by experienced speakers. All presenters actively prescribe orthotics in their respective practices. These collaborative sessions are held in cities throughout the country. The Foot Levelers Practice Xcelerator is not for CEs, which means the discussions are free-ranging and focus on custom orthotic usage.

Become a Marketing Expert
  • Hear expert tips on marketing custom orthotics at your practice
  • Maximize free Foot Levelers marketing resources
  • Involve your whole team in the orthotic protocol

Ask about travel assistance and special perks. Call 800.553.4860 to learn more! 

Travel assistance: Travel assistance may be available. To discuss if your office qualifies, please call 800.553.4860 and ask about Practice Xcelerator™ travel assistance.

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